ERIN AVRR services provided by IOM


  • Meet and greet and orientation service
  • Onwards transportation assistance: Upon your request, IOM can provide you with onward transportation to your final destination within the country, and charges will be covered through your reintegration grant.
  • Referrals to urgent medical care for treatment continuity
  • Emergency accommodation


Reintegration post arrival counselling will be provided by qualified IOM staff in IOM offices throughout the country. IOM reintegration counsellors will inform the returnees and their families about the reintegration possibilities and will help them plan their reintegration strategy and how to spend their grant in the most thought through and constructive manner, taking into account their needs and background, as well as available resources (i.e. defined grants, individual capacities, and social and economic capital).

The reintegration grants can be used for the following reintegration services:

  • Assistance to start, to re-launch, or to partner into a micro-business activity for economic autonomy and income generation.

  • Wage subsidy allowance to encourage employment: IOM can refer you through its network of partners to potential employers. If you get a job, your reintegration assistance will be released as a salary subsidy/salary top-up.
  • Vocational training enrolment to enhance skills and employability: trainings can be identified based on availability, prior work experience, education, interest, local market demand for specific skills.
  • Temporary accommodation to respond to immediate material needs.

  • Medical costs coverage (medication, consultations) to enable you access to healthcare upon return.

  • The grant can be used to cover the costs of education and schooling for children, and any required medical care.

  • Legal/administrative costs coverage to enable you to register yourself locally.


IOM can provide you with administrative support with, and referrals to:

  • National, regional, and local services (governmental, non-governmental, charitable, etc.)
  • local employment initiatives
  • micro-financial organisations
  • enrolment to schools and educational institutions
  • educational and vocational training
  • specialised medical assistance
  • psycho-social assistance
  • local social network
  • legal advice